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Liberate your body from pain




At Liberation Massage the aim is to develop not only meaningful, but beneficial relationships with  clients through the healing touch of massage therapy. I offer focused deep tissue work customized to resolve specific pain issues as well as soothing Swedish relaxation massage for those looking to float away. I also offer traditional Thai yoga massage for those looking for a new approach to massage and wellness.  

Vision Statement:

I want my work to be challenging and rewarding for both my clients and myself. I believe that means working with people in pain, people looking to maintain their whole body wellness, and most importantly, those that want to get better, feel better, and be a part of their healing process.

Massage is a therapy that makes sense to me as therapy, but it doesn't always make sense to everyone. I want massage to make sense to everyone; I want to do good, credible healing in its name.

I look forward to working with you!

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