Liberation Massage
Liberate your body from pain
About the Practitioner

Kiri Gardner, CMT VA License #0019014727

I am a certified massge therapist in the state of Virginia and have been practicing massage for 7 years. I completed a thorough education at East West College of the Healing Arts, a COMTA certified massage program in Portland, Oregon. I specialize in goal oriented deep tissue work, as well as traditional Thai Yoga massage. My passion for Thai massage led me to Northern Thailand in 2011 where I trained with masters of the craft. I find massage a way of giving back and helping people relieve their bodies from pain, injury, stress, and general day-to-day life. Massage is a powerful tool to correct the belief that pain is “normal”. Living a life in pain is not “normal,” and massage can help.  More and more people are realizing massage isn't really a luxury; it’s an approach to whole body wellness. So come, liberate your body from pain today. I’ll be looking forward to it!

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